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All BrettYoung canola varieties come treated with Helix® Saltro® or Prosper® EverGol® and BUTEOTM start as the base treatment. Additional seed treatment options, including Fortenza® and Fortenza® Advanced are available through your BrettYoung retailer.

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Canola protection — from the ground up

With all the protection you’ve come to expect from Helix® Vibrance® and the addition of ADEPIDYN® fungicide, Helix Saltro® is the first seed treatment to defend canola against foliar infections caused by airborne blackleg, protecting plants at the most critical crop stage to maximize yield potential.

Flea beetle and cutworm control made simple

When you need a simple but effective option to protect your canola seed investment from striped and crucifer flea beetles and cutworms, Fortenza® Advanced is the seed treatment choice that provides two high-performing insecticides in one product. Fortenza Advanced also helps improve stand establishment so you can fully realize your canola’s genetic potential.

When added to Helix® Saltro® foundation seed treatment, Fortenza Advanced delivers three insecticides and five fungicides for full broad-spectrum protection from all key canola seed and seedling insects and diseases.

Protect your investment

Prosper EverGol® is a systemic seed treatment registered for canola and mustard. It offers protection for your hybrid canola seed with three different fungicidal active ingredients (metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and penflufen), plus a highly effective insecticide to control flea beetles. Penflufen in particular provides outstanding defence against rhizoctonia, the number one disease affecting canola establishment. As a testament to its efficacy, penflufen represents the first fungicidal active from Bayer specifically engineered for use in seed treatments exclusively.

Prosper EverGol will protect your canola crop against the most damaging diseases and insects and provide peace of mind in the establishment of your crop.

Protect that start of the season feelin’

BUTEOTM start is specifically designed to protect your canola at its most vulnerable point, from cotyledon to three leaf stage, delivering unparalleled protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles. It gives your canola the chance to develop stronger, leading to quicker canopy, more uniform flowering and better maturity.

The protective power of BUTEO start is effective and immediate. Its Group 4D insecticide (flupyradifurone) delivers rapid uptake and systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins, encouraging stronger plant stands — even in dry conditions and areas of high flea beetle pressure.

Absence makes the crop grow stronger

For canola growers who want to improve their insect control spectrum, Fortenza® seed treatment provides added control of cutworm. When Fortenza is paired with seed treatments that offer broad spectrum disease management and flea beetle protection, canola is better able to reach its full potential.

If you’re worried about cutworms in your canola, ask for Fortenza on your canola seed.