Always Hit the Mark with Sureshot


Guarantee faster recovery, persistence and forage yield with Sureshot alfalfa. This fall dormancy class 5 variety is well suited to aggressive management systems such as dry hay or haylage. Complimented by outstanding winterhardiness, Sureshot will persist throughout the growing season providing full-season productivity.


  • Outstanding forage yield
  • Excellent winterhardiness
  • Superior persistence
  • High milk per acre
  • Multifoliate leaf expression

This top performing variety delivers market leading yield, forage quality, persistence and disease resistance. Protect your seed investment with BY Alpha – The Mark of Pure Performance.

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Variety Sureshot
Use Hay
Root Habit Tap Rooted
Plant Type Upright Multifoliate
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted
Production Period Spring – Fall
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy 5
Winter Survival 1.7
DRI 34/35

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