Propelling Higher Yield and Quality


Slingshot is a high yielding fall dormancy 5 alfalfa, bred for winterhardiness. It is well suited to an aggressive multi-cut system. Expressing a high degree of multifoliate leafiness contributes to its impressive quality.


  • High yield
  • Winterhardiness
  • Aggressive regrowth
  • Disease resistance
  • Excellent forage quality

Slingshot is highly resistant to anthracnose, aphanomyces root rot (race 1), fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, phytophthora root rot, pea aphid, spotted alfalfa aphid, northern root nematode and stem nematode. It is resistant to bacterial wilt.

Parental selections came from forage nurseries in Idaho, Washington and Wisconsin. Plants that demonstrated persistence, vigor and disease resistance were selected.


Variety Slingshot
Use Hay
Root Habit Tap Rooted
Plant Type Upright Multifoliate
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted
Production Period Spring – Fall
Key Features
  • High yield
  • Winterhardiness
  • Aggressive Regrowth
  • Disease Resistance
  • High Forage Quality
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy 5.2
Winter Survival 2
DRI 30/30

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