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Tall Wheatgrass

  • Tall, long-lived perennial bunchgrass
  • Well adapted to wet, flood prone soils
  • One of the most saline and alkaline tolerant cultivated grasses
  • Excellent seedling vigour, but slow to establish and late maturing

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VarietyTall Wheatgrass
UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitBunch-grass
Plant TypeBasal
Preferred Growing ConditionsAdapted to poorly drained alkali soils; prefers a high water table
Production PeriodLate Spring – Mid Summer
Key Features
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Good flood tolerance
  • Very tolerant to saline soil conditions
  • Coarse leaves are not as palatable as other wheatgrasses
  • Does not tolerate low mowing or grazing
Approx. Seeds/lb75,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre20-30


Environmental Tolerances
Drought ToleranceHigh
Flooding ToleranceModerate to High
Optimum PH6.6 – 8.4
Acidity ToleranceLow to Moderate
Alkalinity ToleranceHigh
Salinity ToleranceVery High
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