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SWAJ Tall Fescue

Outstanding Winterhardiness & Soft-Leaved Palatability


SWAJ is a Nordic tall fescue bred for its winterhardiness; specifically, its tolerance to harsh winter conditions characterized by frost, snow and ice. Selected for soft-leaved palatability and feed quality, SWAJ provides improved digestibility and more pounds of gain. Its ideal maturity provides complimentary timing and blend compatibility with most hay and pasture uses.


  • Outstanding winterhardiness
  • Soft-leaved palatability
  • Crown rust resistance
  • High yield

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SWAJ has a bunch type growth habit, average flag leave size and tall plant height delivering more biomass. A strong disease package includes resistance to crown rust.


Variety SWAJ
Use Hay & Pasture
Root Habit Bunch-grass
Plant Type Basal
Production Period Spring – Fall
Key Features
  • Soft leaved palatability
  • Outstanding winterhardiness
  • Crown rust resistance
  • High yield
Approx. Seeds/lb 205,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre 8-12


Environmental Tolerances
Winterhardiness Moderate to Good
Drought Tolerance Moderate
Flooding Tolerance Moderate to High
Optimum pH 5.5 – 6.5
Acidity Tolerance High
Alkalinity Tolerance Moderate
Salinity Tolerance Moderate to High
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