Shockwave BR

Branch Rooted to Tolerate Wet Soils


Shockwave BR combines a branch rooted trait with a superior disease resistance package to deliver outstanding performance. In areas that  have higher water tables, the branch root of Shockwave BR allows it to keep more of the root system above the water table, and also gives it improved resistance to heaving pressure caused by freeze-thaw cycles.


  • Outstanding forage yield potential
  • Produces high quality forage
  • Outstanding disease and pest resistance
  • Fast recovery and persistence

This top performing variety delivers market leading yield, forage quality, persistence and disease resistance. Protect your seed investment with BY Alpha – The Mark of Pure Performance.

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Variety Shockwave BR
Use Hay
Root Habit Branch Rooted
Plant Type Upright
Special Traits Tolerance to saturated soils
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted, performance under disease pressure
Production Period Spring- Fall
  • Bloat hazard


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy 4
Winter Survival 1.4
Stand Persistence Excellent
DRI 30


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