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Aprilia Tall Fescue

Premium Feed Quality & Soft-Leaved Palatability


Aprilia is a premium, forage tall fescue that delivers outstanding feed quality and soft-leaved palatability. Its improved quality profile enhances livestock selection and improved digestibility, resulting in more pounds of gain. Aprilia is a medium-to-late maturing variety. Its later heading date allows it to maintain enhanced forage quality later in the season.


  • Market-leading yield potential
  • Rapid establishment
  • Outstanding persistence
  • Excellent disease resistance

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Variety Aprilia
Use Hay & Pasture
Root Habit Bunch-grass
Plant Type Basal
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted does best on moist, heavy-textured soils
Production Period Spring – Fall
Approx. Seeds/lb 205,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre 8-12


Environmental Tolerances
Winter Hardiness Fair to Good
Drought Tolerance Moderate
Flooding Tolerance Moderate to High
Optimum PH 5.5 – 6.5
Acidity Tolerance High
Alkalinity Tolerance Moderate
Salinity Tolerance Moderate to High
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