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Rizobacter Appoints New Inoculant Distributor

WINNIPEG, MB – Brett-Young Seeds Limited and Rizobacter Inc. are pleased to announce that BrettYoung has been appointed as a distribution partner for Rizobacter branded products in Western Canada and the US Northern Plains states. This appointment means Rizobacter inoculants, which incorporate novel technologies and offer significant improvements to on-seed life and liquid inoculant performance, will now be available to soybean and pulse growers for the first time in many of these geographies.

Thomas Thiessen, BrettYoung’s Product Manager for corn, soybeans and ag-biologicals comments, “Working with Rizobacter means bringing world-class inoculant technologies to our customers. I can’t think of an R&D driven ag-biological company anywhere as committed to innovation in this space as Rizobacter. Their investments over the decades have resulted in steady improvements that deliver better agronomic performance for farmers and we’re keen to see where this dedication leads us together”. Thiessen also adds “Rizobacter fits very well with BrettYoung’s strategy of partnering with like-minded and respected independent companies from around the globe who offer differentiated technologies that benefit farmers who choose to do business with BrettYoung”.

Ricardo Yapur, CEO of Rizobacter asserts “Although it is possible to grow alone, we have no doubt that creating alliances with good partners allows everyone to advance farther. It is part of our organizational culture to establish co-operation to guarantee a win-win relationship. For Rizobacter it is an honor that a great company like BrettYoung trusts us to promote our technologies in their most important agricultural markets. Innovation, sustainable production, effort and commitment are values that our organizations share. These values are part of our DNA and it will be reflected in our customer´s experience. Rizobacter is confident that this alliance is an excellent decision to establish and position our products in Western Canada and the US Northern Plains states”.

Agustin Biagioni, Rizobacter´s GM for North America, Europe, Africa and Asia adds “Through my visits to these geographies I have come to understand the importance farmers place on inoculants. The trust BrettYoung has earned with their customers combined with Rizobacter’s knowledge, focus and passion for inoculants will lead to great things. This is especially true since the consolidation of multi-national companies is giving Rizobacter an opportunity to strengthen our position as a global leader in this segment”.


About BrettYoung
BrettYoung is a privately-owned agribusiness with headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Proud of our 80+ year history in agriculture, we employ approximately 200 people in 5 processing and distribution facilities in Canada and in various sales territories across North America serving customers in three distinct markets: (1) BrettYoung is a primary producer of industry-leading forage and turf products that serve domestic and international markets around the world; (2) BrettYoung provides crop input solutions to Canadian and US farmers, including BrettYoung® brand canola and forage seed, Elite® brand soybean seed and ag-biologicals; and (3) BrettYoung provides a wide range of products and services to professional turf and reclamation markets in Western Canada and Ontario.
About Rizobacter
Rizobacter is one of the three largest inoculant companies in the world. Today it is the top exporter of inoculants in Argentina and has over 20% of the inoculant market worldwide, with an important growth tendency due to its decentralized offices. Rizobacter has nine subsidiaries: France, Bolivia, India, Brazil, USA – Canada, Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay and South Africa. Conducting business through these subsidiaries, Rizobacter has presence in more than 35 countries. The company was founded in 1977 in Pergamino, Argentina, the heart of the Pampas, by a small group of entrepreneurs. Since 2016 Rizobacter has become part of the Bioceres Crop Solutions Group.

For more information about this announcement please contact:

Eric Gregory
Director of Marketing
Brett-Young Seeds Ltd
Box 99, St. Norbert Postal Station
Winnipeg, MB R3V 1L5
Ph. (800) 665-5015

Gregory Peton
Business Development & Sales Manager, NA
Rizobacter USA, LLC
543 Valley View Drive
Courtland, MN 56021
Ph. (507) 573-1776 

BrettYoung is trademark of Brett-Young Seeds Limited. Rizobacter is a trademark of Rizobacter Inc.