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Huia White Clover

  • Low growing, creeping growth habit
  • Tolerant to close mowing and grazing
  • Excellent regrowth in pasture applications
  • Bloat causing legume

VarietyWhite Clover
Root HabitRhizomatous
Plant TypeLow Growing
Preferred Growing ConditionsPrefers heavier moist soils
Production PeriodSpring – Fall
Key Features
  • Low growing
  • Tolerant to close mowing and grazing
  • Bloat hazard
  • Susceptible to drought
  • Not very winterhardy
Approx. Seeds/lb775,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre3-7


Environmental Tolerances
Winter HardinessGood
Drought TolerancePoor
Flooding ToleranceLow to Moderate
Optimum PH5.5 – 7.0
Acidity ToleranceModerate
Alkalinity ToleranceLow
Salinity ToleranceLow
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