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Signature XTRA™ Stressgard®

Signature™ XTRA Stressgard® is a true systemic fungicide that enhances plant health and turf quality, while minimizing stress from both abiotic and biotic sources

Improved putting green plant health during periods of stress. Signature XTRA Stressgard uses a new, improved formulation of fosetyl-AL. Fosetyl-AL is the same active ingredient used in Chipco® Aliette® Signature® that has provided over 20 years of proven Pythium control and consistently high turf-quality ratings, along with no documented reports of resistance development in the field.


Signature XTRA Stressgard delivers enhanced plant health benefits and flexible use patterns, even under the most severe environmental conditions. It’s often used as the cornerstone for anthracnose management programs on annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass golf greens.


Active Ingredients: Fosetyl-Al

Package Size: 2.5 kg Water Dispersible Granules

PCP Number: 32800


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DiseaseRate (per 100 m2)Application Interval
Brown Patch140-200 ml14-21 days
Dollar Spot140-200 ml14-21 days (greens and tees) 21-28 (fairways)
Leaf Spot140-200 ml14-21 days



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