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Purple Prairie Clover

Dalea purpurea, native

  • Naturally fixes nitrogen in the soil
  • Flowers attract pollinators
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • Wildlife like to graze
  • Long-lived, warm season perennial
  • Well adapted to very dry conditions
  • Flowers are purple to reddish purple
  • Nectar and pollen attracts bees, wasps and butterflies
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Flowers in the summer
  • Prairie grasslands, dry banks, hillsides and eroded slopes
  • Found from Central Canada to the Southeastern and Southwestern United States
  • Not found on East Coast or West Coast
  • Adapted to areas prone to wildfires

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Characteristics Table
Growth HabitTap Root
Flood ToleranceFair
Drought ToleranceGood
Salt TolerancePoor
Soil PHNeutral
Soil TypeCoarse to Moderately Fine
Approx. Seeds/lb210,000
Canopy Mature Height30-60 cm

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