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Tetrino simplifies insect management programs by providing flexible application timing and broad-spectrum control of multiple turf insects.

  • Preventative and early curative control of white grubs, annual bluegrass weevil, chinch bugs and turf caterpillars
  • One product to control grubs, ABW, caterpillars and chinch bugs
  • Flexible, low use rates for sustainable insect control
  • Minimal to no watering requirements for white grub and ABW control respectively

Active Ingredients: Tetraniliprole

Package Size: 2L

PCP Number: 33714


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InsectRate (per 100 m2)
European Chafer grub23.2 ml
Japanese Beetle Grub11.6-23.2 ml
Cutworm11.6-23.2 ml
Chinch Bug11.6-23.2 ml
Sod Webworm11.6-23.2 ml
Annual Bluegrass weevil 11.6-23.2 ml


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