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Onobrychis viciifolia scop. , introduced


  • Naturally fixes nitrogen in the soil
  • Introduced perennial forage legume
  • High-quality livestock feed
  • High in palatability and protein
  • High frost tolerance
  • Ideal for late-season grazing
  • Produces rosy-pink flowers Seed germinates and establishes quickly
  • Non-bloating legume
  • Matures faster than alfalfa and is a superior honey plant

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Characteristics Table
Growth HabitTap Root
Flood TolerancePoor
Drought ToleranceGood
Salt ToleranceFair
Soil PHNeutral to Alkaline
Soil TypeLoam, Clay, Sand, Gravel
Approx. Seeds/lb24,000
Canopy Mature HeightUp to 1m


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