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Insignia® Duo

Insignia® Duo fungicide combines two liquid snow mold control products to provide Canadian superintendents with excellent control of grey and pink snow mold as well as more convenient handling and mixing.

Insignia Duo uses two systemic active ingredients that are rapidly absorbed by the leaves to control snow mold by interfering with sterol and cell membrane biosynthesis and inhibiting fungal spore germination, mycelial growth and sporulation.

Active Ingredients: Pyraclostrobin  – Group 11

Triticonazole – Group 3

Package Size: 3.2L and 2L Case

PCP Number: 32247


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DiseaseRate (per 100 m2)Application Interval
Pink Snow Mould52 ml1 app before snow cover
Grey Snow Mould52 ml1 app before snow cover


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