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BrettYoung Introduces New Alfalfa Platform – BY Alpha™

WINNIPEG, MB – BrettYoung’s Forage & Turf business unit is excited to launch the BY Alpha™ platform, a new designation for BrettYoung’s top alfalfa varieties. BY Alpha denotes varieties that are top performers in their dormancy category defined by dry matter yield, disease resistance and digestibility. Additionally, BY Alpha varieties are grown solely in Western Canada by experienced seed growers, and have a dedicated team managing all stages of production and processing to ensure the highest standards of varietal integrity and traceability.

“With a comprehensive portfolio of low dormancy alfalfa ranging from 1-5 , BY Alpha allows us to identify top performers in those respective categories” says Wayne Unger, BrettYoung’s Vice-President of Forage & Turf.

“Not only do BY Alpha varieties deliver top genetics, Western Canada is known for its pure and carefully-protected alfalfa production zones, so you can feel confident in the varietal integrity of our seed.” says Erik Dyck, Product Manager, Forage & Turf. Plus, BY Alpha provides full traceability from the field to finished goods. “All of our seed is analyzed at our in-house, fully-accredited seed lab both before and after in-house processing, as well as through out its storage lifecycle to exceed international standards for markets around the world.  

In order to receive the BY Alpha designation, (1) Varieties must yield in the top 10% of replicated, third-party trials; (2) Have a perfect score on the Disease Resistance Index (DRI); (3) Demonstrate high digestibility for improved animal nutrition and more milk per acre. BrettYoung currently has five (5) qualifying BY Alpha varieties in their portfolio, across the Dormancy 4, 3, and 2 categories.

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