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TurfRx Fairway+

TurfRx Fairway+ is a phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, containing proprietary soluble carbon compounds.

TurfRx Fairway+ reduces abiotic stress, improves root development and increases soil microbial diversity due to humic, fulvic, and long-chain soluble carbon content. TurfRx Fairway+ utilizes technology from its proprietary TurfRx formulations of P+, K+, and C-85.

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Product Usage
UseRate (per 1000 ft2)Application Interval
Turf Performance1.5-9 oz1-6 weeks
Grow In1.5-9 oz2 -5 weeks
Aerification1.5-9 oz
Abiotic Stress Defense1.5-9 oz1-6 weeks
Heat Stress1.5-9 oz1-6 weeks
Thatch Reduction1.5-9 oz1-6 weeks
Root Development1.5-9 oz1-6 weeks




Total Nitrogen (N)1%
  Ammoniacal Nitrogen0.25%
  Water lnsoluble Nitrogen0.25%
  Urea Nitrogen0.5%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)7%
Soluble Potash (K2O)12%
Humic Acid2%




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