Seaside II

Seaside II has a medium-fine texture, provides a high-quality playing surface for greens, tees and fairways

Because of its salt tolerance, Seaside II creeping bentgrass is chosen for coastal golf courses where sea spray is a problem for other varieties of bentgrass. It can be irrigated with water sources containing salt content as high as 15,000 ppm and having a pH of 7.5–8.5. Seaside II is also dollar spot-resistant. Its drought tolerance and aggressive growth characteristics allow Seaside II to compete well with invading species like Poa annua.

Some benefits of Seaside II include:
• Bred for salt and drought tolerance
• Low fertility requirements
• Tolerates salt levels up to 15,000 ppm
• Excellent dollar spot and disease resistance
• Competes well with Poa-annua

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