Recover PO4

An Innovative Formula of a Well-Proven Active
  • Phosphate solubilizer with same active ingredient as JumpStart (Penicilium bilaii)
  • Convenient liquid formulation
  • Active ingredient makes soil and fertilizer phosphate more plant-available
  • Enhances early vigour, increases root growth and leaf surface area

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Active Ingredient Penicillium bilaii
7.2 x 108 CFUs/ml
Formulation Liquid
Crops Alfalfa, Canola, Chickpeas, Corn, Dry Beans, Lentils, Peas, Soybeans, Wheat (spring and winter)
Application On-seed
Package Size 400 ml, 2 L




When and where to use Recover® PO4

Recover PO4 may always be applied to the seed as part of your overall phosphate fertility program planning.

1. Use Recover PO4 where soil tests show low to medium levels of available phosphate.

  • If soil tests recommend 10 to 15 lbs/acre of phosphate, just use Recover PO4
  • If soil tests recommend 15 to 25 lbs/acre of phosphate, apply the lower amount of recommended phosphate and use Recover PO4

2. Use Recover PO4 in fields with high pH and high calcium levels. These soils will more readily tie-up phosphate, so there is more available to be released for crop uptake.

3. Use Recover PO4 to reduce the amount of seed-placed phosphate to avoid any potential seedling damage from seed-placed phosphate applications.



Crop Units Units of Seed/ fl oz Units per container
13.5 fl oz 2.1 qt
Alfalfa lbs 65 880 4,400
Canola lbs 60 800 4,000
Chickpeas 100 lbs 14.2 192 960
Corn BSU (80k) 4.5 60 300
Dry Beans 100 lbs 10 144 720
Lentils 100 lbs 10 144 720
Peas 100 lbs 18 240 1,200
Soybeans BSU (140k) 20 275 1,375
Wheat 100 lbs 10 144 720


*Planting window for when Recover PO4 is applied to bare seed
**Recommended water volumes are guidelines for adequate seed coverage. When applying Recover PO4 with other products, adjust total volume to be applied to seed accordingly to ensure sufficient seed coverage and proper seed dry down and handling.

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