Prairie Cordgrass

Spartina pectinata, native
  • Warm season perennial
  • Hard, sturdy, hollow stems that can grow up to 3m tall
  • Tough roots are sod-forming
  • Does not tolerate prolonged flooding
  • Dense root network stabilizes soil even where water is flowing
  • Provides nesting habitat for birds
  • Leaf margins are serrated and sharp
  • Moderate seedling vigour – usually takes the full summer to establish
  • Most often found in wet habitats — wet prairies, rivers, floodplains, ponds and marshes


Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Rhizomatous
Flood Tolerance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Good
Soil PH Neutral to Basic
Soil Type Medium to Fine
Approx. Seeds/lb 185,000
Canopy Mature Height Up to 3m

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