Hairy Vetch

Hairy Vetch
  • Species is an annual or biennial
  • Cool season legume
  • Naturally fixes nitrogen in the soil
  • Moderately winter-hardy
  • Used for soil improvement along roadsides and bank stabilization
  • Used for grazing and is moderately tolerant to trampling
  • Graze May and June
  • Protein content ranges from 12-20%
  • Vines can be 1-2m long
  • More tolerant to acidic soils than most legumes
  • Non-bloat legume
  • Stems are very hairy, and plant produces dense, pea-like flowers that range from reddish purple to violet to white
  • Flowers typically start in mid-June

Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Tap Root
Flood Tolerance Fair
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Poor
Soil PH Neutral
Soil Type Moderately Fine to Coarse
Approx. Seeds/lb 20,000
Canopy Mature Height 50-200 cm

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