Fabio Italian Ryegrass

Certified Italian Ryegrass

Fabio is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass with excellent yield. As a certified Italian variety, it does not set seed in its first year of production, enhancing its palatability and overall forage quality. It is a fast growing, leafy, high quality annual grass delivering high yields and excellent forage quality. Fabio has shown vigorous establishment, rapid regrowth and excellent digestibility. Complimented by a strong disease package, Fabio has good resistance to mildew and rust.


  • Certified Tetraploid type Italian ryegrass
  • Fast growing, leafy, high quality annual forage
  • High quality and palatable feed
  • Vigorous establishment and rapid regrowth

It is sold commercially in Europe and North America. Fabio is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass with excellent yields. Fabio can be seeded alone or under a cereal silage crop for late season production in higher moisture areas of Western Canada. It is a fast growing leafy high quality annual grass in Western Canada. It shows vigorous establishment, fast regrowth and good digestibility. In Germany the variety is also used for Biogas cultivation. Fabio has very good resistance to mildew but is susceptible to ryegrass mosaic virus and Rhynchosporium and medium susceptibility to rust.

Variety Fabio Italian Ryegrass
Use Hay & Pasture
Root Habit Bunch grass
Plant Type Basal
Preferred Growing Conditions Soil of medium to high fertility with adequate moisture
Production Period Mid to Late Summer, fall
  • Prone to drought stress
Approx. Seeds/lb 220,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre 15-25


Environmental Tolerances
Winterhardiness Biennial
Drought Tolerance Low
Flooding Tolerance High
Optimum PH 5.5 – 7.5
Acidity Tolerance Moderate to High
Alkalinity Tolerance Low to Moderate
Salinity Tolerance Low to Moderate


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