4020 MF

A Leader with an Aggressive Regrowth Habit


4020 MF is a leader when it comes to a combination of high forage yields and quality. Along with a high degree of multi-foliate expression, 4020 MF is highly resistant to major diseases that attack alfalfa.


  • High multifoliate expression
  • Fast recovery
  • Good winterhardiness


Variety 4020 MF
Use Hay
Root Habit Tap Rooted
Plant Type Upright Multifoliate
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted
Production Period Spring – Fall
Key Features
  • Combination of high forage yields and high quality
  • Multifoliate expression
  • Excellent disease resistance package
  • Excellent winter survival
  • Resistant to Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2)
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy 4
Winter Survival 1.8
Stand Persistence Excellent
DRI 30


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