It’s All About that Deep-Set Crown


3010 is a very dormant alfalfa (similar to Vernal) that is bred with a deep set crown delivering improved durability and traffic tolerance. It produces a large first harvest followed by moderate forage yields throughout the growing season. 3010 performs best in well-drained, high producing soils, but can also be productive in adverse soil conditions.


  • Outstanding traffic tolerance due to deep-set crown
  • High first harvest forage yield
  • Excellent disease resistance package


Variety 3010
Use Hay & Pasture
Root Habit Deep-set Crown
Plant Type Upright
Special Traits Traffic tolerance
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted. Suited for long term stands.
Production Period Spring- Fall
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy 2.5
Winter Survival 1.8
Stand Persistence Excellent
DRI 30


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