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  • Shift alfalfa bag

    Shift Alfalfa

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    • Large, deep-set crowns tolerant of traffic
    • Persistent, long stand life
    • Exceptional disease resistance
    • High level of multifoliate expression
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  • Barricade II

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    • Next generation salt tolerance
    • Improved establishment and vigour in saline conditions
    • Max economic return under tough soil conditions
    • Complete disease and pest resistance package
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  • Ace Alfalfa

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    • Top forage yields
    • Premium quality
    • Aggressive regrowth
    • Outstanding winterhardiness
    • Genetic resistance to stem nematodes
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  • Blend 4440

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    • Blend of certified varieties
    • Widely adapted
    • High yield potential
    • Excellent winterhardiness
    • Disease resistant
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  • Surge HG

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    • Hi-Gest Technology
    • Improves fibre digestion and crude protein
    • More pounds of milk per cow
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  • Reload

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    • High genetic resistance against multiple strains of Aphanomyces
    • Broad adaptation to a range of conditions including a high tolerance to saturated soils
    • Long and productive stand life
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  • Dynamo

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    • Rapid regrowth is well suited for 3, 4 and 5 cut harvest management systems
    • High multifoliate expression that delivers exceptional feed value
    • Superior winterhardiness and outstanding disease resistance
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  • Foothold

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    • High traffic tolerance due to oversized crown
    • High leaf-to-stem ratio
    • Excellent winterhardiness and disease resistance
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  • Stronghold

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    • A high-quality tap root alfalfa that will stand the test of time
    • Excellent winter survival while providing excellent late season regrowth
    • Outstanding disease resistance to ensure great stand survival
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