BrettYoung Distinct by Design

Distinct by Design

We are Canada’s largest independent seed company.

After 80+ years in the agriculture industry, we’re confident in the trust and understanding we’ve built with farmers. Our expertise is founded on real experience, our connection to local markets, and collaborations with world-class organizations.

Product Portfolio

We take pride in our industry-leading seed solutions, expertly designed with innovative technology to meet the highest possible quality standards.

Our Values


We care about the facts at BrettYoung. We don’t stretch the truth or make claims we can’t follow through with. Instead, we tell you how it is based on our hard-won experience and expertise. It’s why we’ve maintained a reputation of honesty and integrity.


Whether it be the farmers we serve – or our partners – we establish connections based on mutual respect. The care we have for the people we work with comes through in our products and our commitment to quality and transparency.   


We pay attention to what farmers want. Our attention to detail and independence allows us to adapt with our market. We are constantly pushing to make better products that serve our customers’ needs. 


We are personally accountable to the communities we serve, because they’re our communities too. That’s why we’re dedicated to transparency and only stand behind products backed by real data. 

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