BrettYoung works hard to keep you at the forefront of technologies that perform to keep your operation profitable and resilient.  Our alliances with a global network of strategic suppliers who create and develop unique germplasm and technologies means we deliver you leading seed and seed-related product choices that often aren’t available elsewhere.

Connect with your local BrettYoung Retailer or one of BrettYoung’s Regional Account Managers who are knowledgeable about the agronomic requirements of your area and can provide recommendations tailored to you.  You can also connect with BrettYoung through BY PLUS where you’ll find timely information on topics around product news, agronomic insights, and other information relevant to your farm and life.

We are Distinct by Design

At BrettYoung we a family-owned business and are proud of the strategic partnerships we have with world-class organizations through which we source leading technologies and genetics. This allows us to bring distinct market choices that deliver you performance and value. By design, our success will always be rooted within your success. Like you, we are independent, resolute, and Distinct by Design.

The soul of our outstanding lineup of canola hybrids comes through the comprehensive breeding work done by our strategic canola genetics supplier – DL Seeds.  When it comes to a diverse base of important traits and high-performance germplasm – DL Seeds is second to none.  Through the canola breeding programs of its European parent companies (NPZ & DSV) and collaborations with other breeding programs around the world, DL Seeds makes our DefendR <make this a link to the DefendR traits page> disease and pod shatter resistance genetic traits possible and with canola hybrids in the TruFlex with Roundup Ready technology, Liberty Link, and Clearfield herbicide platforms.

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Soybeans from BrettYoung deliver the traits and characteristics that excel in Western Canadian growing conditions.  Our portfolio of varieties provides high yields through a wide range of maturities that are suited to wherever you farm.

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BrettYoung forages continue to lead with unparalleled service and decades of experience. Our complete portfolio of improved forage genetics is accessed from industry-leading breeders at home and around the world. At BrettYoung, we also partner with skilled Canadian growers to produce the highest quality forage seed that undergoes a carefully managed production process so you can be confident in the varietal integrity and purity that goes into every bag.

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BrettYoung partners with Rizobacter who is a leader in inoculant research and formulating.  Rizobacter-developed technologies like Bio Inducer and Osmo Protector enhance crop growth and deliver consistent performance in less-than-ideal environmental conditions.  They ensure pulse and soybean crops are not limited by inoculant performance and nitrogen fixation under challenging conditions.

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BrettYoung corn brings Western Canadian cattle growers leading hybrids specifically selected for silage and grazing with high yields and reliable performance.

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